brings to the knowledge and opens to the critic of everybody
the work by the hand of Marc Belderbos.

This with the foundation thoughts which leads to this work.There are drawings and projects. There are words and texts.
There are pictures.

Everything in this site insists on the notion ‘to architect’.

The name of this site ‘’ is there to honour this word on the first page of ‘Vers une architecture’ of Le Corbusier. “….Architecturer! ce n’est pas là que travail technique de professionnel. C’est aux tournants caractéristiques, un mouvement impulsif de l’idée commune, qui manifeste en quel mode elle entend ordonner ses actes…..

This site is also a ‘net’ in the intention of a ‘network’
It opens itself on same level to
the ones who want to realise a project with marc Belderbos or the ones who would like to work
with him together on a project, on a theory, written or drawn.
it opens itself
to the ones who just want to share some ideas, or want to bring on the site an intervention over the theme: ‘architecturer –to architect’.

The name of this site network of ideas is so ‘’ It indicates a precise mind inclination towards architecture not as a ’product’ or an ‘object’ of a ‘designer’ but as an ethical operation in the real.

It is to this desire
to live with and to work at
this notion and this practice: to architect
that all are invited.
Clients, critics, architecture lovers, and all the ones who think.

To architect is a pro-position
which precedes the subject and the object.

To architect is a verb.

To architect let us live in the connotation of this:
Be a subject and have a holding!