The intentions where we are holding us
all along our projects
are tended to the ‘well being” of the ones who will live
with our architecture.

This “well being” is a dignity or a holding
and not the fruition of a lust
Well being is to live by ethics.

Architecture let people live with a structure
and in the connotation of a holding.

The task of the architect
is to build the space of life of people
and then to let them live there.
The space of life will then be connoted
by this structure called architecture.

Therefor, the beauty of architecture
will consist in a high level of logic
more then in an esthetical sentiment.

Architecture will also bring at stake an idea
of the holding or of the dignity in the society
of the ones who will live there
more then a particular fruition.
The ones who build with us
are subjects and not ‘particulars’
and will be able to live with
this primitive (arke) invisible and mute structure (tekton).

In the professional field
our position is therefore
that design (drawing and project)
has an influence on people’s life
We attempt permanently
to reach a design of high quality
to obtain a significant experience
in all the spectrum of our build environment.

Excellence in design,
continuous multidisciplinary interests
fine precision of the control
of the programme and the budget
during all the phases of the construction
are the bases of our work
for an architecture of the highest quality.

Our work is animated
by a constant ‘philosophical’ approach
more than a proposition of ‘style’.
And we aim to design detailed buildings
which are intimately in relation with the environment
and with the wished life experience and functions.

Intense discussions between all parties
are at the base of a high quality of project
which brings always in the light a synthesis in a simple concept
of beauty, experience of well being and functionality.