You would like to leave some thought that would take some place in this site.

Of course, some words of sympathy or antipathy are always possible. But the essential part of your intervention must be an argument which holds itself independently and is sufficiently deployed.

By this, some forms of interventions are excluded. You may not be yourself the argument of what you’re saying. So don’t say ‘I’ or ‘me’ or ‘mine’ I your intervention.
More: To architect is not natural. So never use the word ‘naturally’ as an argument. Don’t come with an opinion but with a contribution to a thought. Here no weak thoughts!
This site is not a forum of opinions, but the crossing of thoughts and insights.

You may also propose some text of reference, by yourself or by some other author. Or some link to another site or some drawings or projects, or whatever could contribute to form and enhance the network and a contribution to ‘

You may also suggest the publication of a project. If accepted this project will be in the site with the same layout as all project and the name of the author will be inscribed.

Leave your name, your quality and a good working email address. Tell where it seems to you that your intervention could take place or to which point your intervention should be linked (For example, if you propose a project connected to a theoretical point in this site)

We will reply to any not anonymous consistent proposition. You will be contacted with a proposition or a suggestion of clarification or improvement.

If your intervention is placed on the site your name and your email address will always be visible and it will be recognizable by a search engine (Google…)

De section ‘words’ will be reserved to interventions that have to do with the texts of Marc Belderbos. The section ‘thoughts’ will give some space to interventions with an independent content.